Health and Safety

Van-Dixon Electrical are committed to the implementation and promotion of Health and Safety at Work Act, and all other relevant regulations and legislation. We recognize that the highest priority must be accorded to ensuring safe methods of work at all times.

We also regard the promotion of health and safety matters as a mutual duty and objective of all management and employees. It is therefore, the company’s declared intention to ensure, as far as is reasonably practical, that none of our employees or other person not in our employment , but who may be affected by our undertakings are exposed to risks to his/her health, welfare and safety.

Our Goals


Obtain and keep up-to-date knowledge of legislation, codes of practice, and other technical and professional guidanceon health and safety relating to the company’s activities.


Inform all employees, as relevant to their duties at any given time, of their statutory obligations as to, for example, safe methods of work, use of protective equipment, etc and point out known hazards which may be involved in their work.


Provide integrated safety and job training for all employees as is necessary to safeguard their own and other persons’ health and safety.


Expect the compliance of all employees with all relevant safety regulations and rules, and actively encourage their co-operation in establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for all.


Monitor the effectiveness of its arrangements for health and safety, as required by current legislation. Ensure that this safety policy is kept up-to-date with current working experience, latest official and professional guidance and new or amended legislation.